Customer Questions to Ask Yourself

>Pain points/challenges.

What pain can you resolve for your customers?


Does your product open doors for your customers or offer them the ability to further grow their business?

Are you creating an opportunity for them to improve their lives?

What are you helping them do better?

How can you move up the value chain?

Is your business located in a place that´s convenient for your customers or makes sense for their lifestyle?

Behavior and decision-making processes.

What behaviors or habits influence your customers´ purchasing process?

Do your customers need specific information before they make a decision?

Do they conduct a lot of research before they purchase your product, or is your product an impulse purchase?

Is timing a factor?

Who is involved in the purchase decision?

Do you know who their customers are?

Spending patterns.

Do certain times of year influence your customers´ spending patterns?

Does a lifestyle change influence their decision (e.g., such as getting married or having a baby)?

Price sensitivity.

How much does price influence your customers´ decision?

How important is their perception of the value of your product linked to the price?

What are the trade-offs between price, features, and performance?

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