Passion leads my way (part 1)

After few boring days I realized I had to be active. I took the time to learn useful skills that I did not have from before by always being the early bird in the office and the person who went home the latest everyday. I learnt everything by observing people around, writing notes down about knowledge I needed to know and asked to help people in all the programs the department was producing.

Facing the challenges

If I will make a video to sum up the periods of NORICAC later on, it would be interesting to start with the reactions when people hear about my project. I guess it would be a funny video with diverse facial expressions. Most of those would look like they are trying to shake my shoulders and shout at me: «Hey, small woman, are you crazy!»

NORICAC first steps towards an online TV channel for immigrants in Norway

One year ago, I started to recognise that the demand to get to know Norwegian culture and society was really big in the immigrant community in Norway. It is specially requested by newcomers who are excited to integrate into the society. As a person who had experience and a strong passion for TV productions, I questioned myself «Why not having an online TVchannel targeting immigrants in Norway, which helps them find it easier to integrate into the society?»