NORICAC first steps towards an online TV channel for immigrants in Norway

One year ago, I started to recognise that the demand to get to know Norwegian culture and society was really big in the immigrant community in Norway. It is specially requested by newcomers who are excited to integrate into the society. As a person who had experience and a strong passion for TV productions, I questioned myself «Why not having an online TVchannel targeting immigrants in Norway, which helps them find it easier to integrate into the society?»

Thuy Thu Nguyen blogging for us in the future

Thuy Thu Nguyen is a woman that really inspired us. Once upon a time she came from Vietnam to Norway, and felt lonely because she didn´t understand the language or the culture. Information was not easy to fine.

So she made a TV channel, called Norway Information Culture and Art Channel (NORICAC), where the goal is to teach people who come to Norway the language and the culture.