The traditional metric of charity is the amount of money you give. Where’s the fun in that?

Matt Kepple, a serial social entrepreneur and founder of Makerble, wanted to take this challenge head on and is creating a crowd-funding plattform that highlights the amount of change or social impact a given funded project achieves.

Through elements of gamification, Makerble aims to stimulate funders to share social impact metrics with other funders.

Kepple writes of, a plattform with a similar model:

Open and honest updates about project progress have actually led to donors publicly increasing their monthly donations via the platform and other donors seeing that behaviour and mirroring it. ( Proof of Concept)

Makerble could create an eco-system in which both funders and entrepreneurs aim for maximal impact as a measure of success, rather than isolating the amount of funding received. Everybody wins.

Makerble is UnLtd’s Big Venture Challenge Winner for 2013 – 2014. UnLtd, a «provider of support to social entrepreneurs», has pledged to match up to £100k to fund Kepple’s startup. We want you to help Kepple succeed.

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