Myriam Bouré blogging in 2015

We met Myriam on our very first Impact Coffee Oslo meetup in August 2014. We quickly became engaged in her enthusiam and ideas, and she recently presented her ideas, experience and knowledge at the meetup we had in January. Her interest, and expertise I should say (although she would not say it herself), is collaborative economy. I think she will influence us Norwegians a lot with her ideas and her spirit! And I´m so glad we will be part of it through this blog! Here she is!

Myriam Bouré
Myriam Bouré, starting Kjøpelaget, will be blogging for Samfunnsinnovatørene in 2015.

1. Who are you?

My name is Myriam, I’m 31, I come from France and I moved to Oslo 6 months ago. For love, of course:-) I studied in a business school in France, and after having started working in auditing companies, I quickly realized I felt useless there, and I decided I wanted to build things, projects, make things happen. So I majored in social entrepreneurship. «Be the change I wanted to see in the word».

I feel responsible for the world, I think we all are. We can’t just complain or criticize others’ actions, we can all be entrepreneurs and take the initiatives. So I started working on sense-making projects, bringing sustainable development and sense-making entrepreneurship in the University of Normandy.

I also realized over the last 5 years that the world is just a mirror of who we are, and that true happiness is not only a question of doing sense-making things, but it’s also an internal journey withing ourself. So I try to pay attention in my everyday life both to my external actions and my personal development, to care for myself to be able to care better for the others 😉

2. What do you do?

I consider myself as a citizen of the world, and when I moved here, I had in mind to find something useful to do locally, for my new homeland. So I started meeting lots of people, sharing thoughts, ideas, models, stories. I quickly realized that the food system was still very centralized here, it was hard to find local organic products and not so many alternatives were existing. I joined Kooperativet, and I receive my basket of vegetables every other week, but I wanted more flexibility, to be able to buy the products I want in the quantity I want, at an affordable price. And I met Sadie, who was sharing the same need and was sourcing her food directly to the farmers. Together, we started working on a cooperative project: the idea was to gather with other people who wanted good local food, build together a platform to order to local producers «as a group», and then open a member-owned physical store in Oslo. The project is now called Kjøpelaget ( and we are in the building process. We organized a first event to present the project and 65 people signed up to participate in helping to launch it.

As a side project, I also started to talk about collaborative economy. I’m passionate about all those new/old models that enable us to do-it-ourself&together, share, swap, mutualize our spaces, tools, strengths, organize ourself as we want to satisfy together our needs. So I started to develop a free-lance consulting activity to share those models and raise consciousness about it, and I’m organizing next week an event with Oslo Business Region, showcasing 20 local initiatives that try to make the work more collaborative.

So I work both on a concrete community building project on one hand, where I stay connected to the field, and a sharing and awareness raising project on the other side, which help me take some distance and look at the big picture of the society. And I need both legs 😉

3. Why is it important?

The paradigm based on competition, growth and ownership has built a world full of inequalities, violent and unsustainable: we are destroying ourself as well as the earth that host us, and the nature we are part of. I want to contribute in the shift toward a more collaborative society, where people feel responsible for themselves and the society, where people act and do because they know they can change the world themselves and together, where people are creative and find new solutions to new problems everyday. I want to contribute in empowering people, raise consciousness about what is not working today, what implies the way industries work today, and help people realize they can be the solution, we all can. Collaborative economy is not only reshaping economy. It’s redesigning the way we live together, the way we interact, and the way we trust ourselves and the others.

4. Why do you want to blog for samfunnsinnovatørene?

Because life is sharing! And sharing those thoughts, and the potential of collaborative economy to reinvent society, is the role I want to play today in the world, it brings sense to my life. I cannot not talk about it, I cannot not do it! So I’m happy to be able to share my passion, my stories, my experiences, my vision. I discovered through that path true happiness and inner peace, so I hope it will inspire people and bring more happiness and peace in the world 🙂

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