NORICAC first steps towards an online TV channel for immigrants in Norway

One year ago, to satisfy my curiosity and my passions, I started to do a research aiming at
making two documentary films about Norwegian culture and society and about Norwegian
food. Having daily «tours» to many forums, blogs and groups for foreigners in Norway,
reading books and people’s discussions, having talks with both Norwegians and foreigners
about the topics, I started to recognise that the demand to get to know Norwegian culture and society was really big in the immigrant community in Norway. It is specially requested by newcomers who are excited to integrate into the society. As a person who had experience and a strong passion for TV productions, I questioned myself «Why not having an online TVchannel targeting immigrants in Norway, which helps them find it easier to integrate into the society?». It is the reason why NORICAC was created, simple and natural as it has to be.
Promote the images of Norway to the world outside
In general, it is never easy at first for anyone to move to a new place. However, for mant foreigners in Norway, it seems more difficult to get into the society and make themselves be part of it, because of specific characteristics of the culture and society.

As you know, Norwegian population is now around 5,1 millions people, out of which immigrants are approximately 15%1 and comes from more than 200 different countries2.

Whether you admit or not, they are now part of Norwegian society and contribute to the development of the country. The diversity of groups of foreigners in Norway creates more problems for this community to integrate. If they can tackle the problems, it is not only good for them but also good for the government to limit social issues, strengthen stability, solidarity and security of the society.

On the other hand, a TV channel providing information and knowledge about Norwegian

culture and society spoken in English can be also an effective way to promote the images of Norway to the world outside. It is even easier and more convenient when it is broadcastonline.

However, there is no such a TV channel nor a TV program in Norway for immigrants at
present. Creating and developing NORICAC, I hope the channel can partly satisfy such a
How it works
NORICAC is expected to produce seven regular TV programs, each of which will be broadcast on a certain day of the week.

Into Norwegian culture and society includes regular and special TV shows focusing on certain aspects of Norwegian culture and society. The regular episodes are a series of short films, in which we interview foreigners about a selected topic, and then seek for the answers and explanations from the local to clarify the issues. Besides, once a month a special episode in the form of a talkshow will be produced. It is a chance for our audience to directly questions the guests we invite to talk at the show. They are influential people in the society, either policy makers, experts in the field or local authorities. The first talkshow about the job market for foreigners in Norway will be launched soon next month.

Salmon Plus is a program about Norwegian food and its development through years. Many people, both Norwegians and foreigners, when being asked about Norwegian food,immediately mentioned Salmon or thought that there was not much to talk about the cuisine. I entitled the program «Salmon Plus» with the meaning that Salmon is a big pride in Norwegian cuisine but Norwegian food is much more than that. So «Salmon» should be the starting point of the journey to discover the hidden charm of the cuisine. In the program, the audience will both learn about knowledge of Norwegian food and how to cook traditional dishes instructed by Norwegian chefs.

Roads to Norway is a special program featuring stories of immigrants in Norway which tell the audience interesting aspects in their lives in Norway such as what brought them here, how they have been fighting for their lives, what achievements they have got etc. Those are inspiring examples for other immigrants to see themselves inside, to find motivations to live better and more attached to the country. It is also where Norwegians understand more about the lives of immigrants in Norway.

 is a reality show which enables couples of a parent and her/his kid to participate in journeys back into the traditions. Experiencing many games, activities and challenges, they discover their traditional culture and also learn about the value of family to treasure it more when they are back in the modern busy daily lives.

Besides these programs, NORICAC has also have Hot issues –  a weekly news program.

Snakker du norsk?
 a program to teach foreigners Norwegian with new methods and Stories of Norway  a cinema corner for short-films or movies made about Norway by immigrants in Norway.

We have experimentally produced a number of programs posted on our Youtube channel, linked to the website and Facebook. You can visit these three platforms to watch them.

We hope through these programs, foreigners inside and outside Norway will have a more
comprehensive look about the country, Norwegian culture and society. We expect NORICAC is not just an information platform but also a bridge to connect foreigners and Norwegians, where immigrants raise questions and meet the answers and solutions responded by Norwegians.

However, NORICAC is not just for immigrants in Norway, it is for all the people who love Norway and want to see how the country’s culture and society captured through the eyes of people from other cultures. Especially, these issues are visualised and brought to people regularly through a system of online TV programs, which people can easily access whenever and wherever they are.

In the Integration policy issued by the Government in 2012, it is emphasized that «the most important goal for the Government’s integration policy is to ensure that all people who live in Norway are able to utilise their resources and participate in the community.»3

The goal of NORICAC is tightly going along with this goal. In addition, this is also a special gift we want to devote to Norway which has been considered the second homeland of many foreigners in Norway. This is still a long journey ahead. With your supports, we hope to build strong first steps to make this «journey of thousand miles» safely reach the destination.
Facts about NORICAC
Name: Norway Information, Culture and Art Channel (NORICAC)
Logo: The spirit is taken from the Norwegian flag.
Language: English or English with Norwegian subtitles.
Description: An online TV channel targeting foreigners living in Norway and people who are interested in Norwegian culture and society.
Missions: Proving basic and insightful information about Norwegian culture and societythrough news and TV programs focusing on main aspects of Norwegian culture and society.
Founder: Thuy Thu Nguyen
Team: 1 core member, 3 filmmakers in charge of certain programs, 3 volunteers and severaltechnical supporters in cases of technical problems.
2 The White Paper to the Norwegian Parliament En helhetlig integreringspolitikk – mangfold og fellesskap (A comprehensive integration policy – diversity and community), short version, launched on 26 October 2012, p.06)
3 The White Paper, Ibid. p3


Av Thuy Thu Nguyen

I am the founder of Norway Information Culture and Art Channel (NORICAC), established to build an online TV channel for foreigners in Norway. I have background in international relations, media, human right laws and graphic design, but I have worked mostly in the field of communications and media. Read more about Thuy and NORICAC here .

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