Thuy Thu Nguyen blogging for us in the future

Thuy Thu Nguyen is a woman that really inspired us. Once upon a time she came from Vietnam to Norway, and felt lonely because she didn´t understand the language or the culture. Information was not easy to find.

So she made a TV channel, called Norway Information Culture and Art Channel (NORICAC), where the goal is to teach people who come to Norway the language and the culture.

We are happy to tell you that Thuy is going to blog for us about the steps she is taking with the TV channel.

In the following text you can learn more about Thuy.


1. Who are you?

I am Thuy Thu Nguyen, the founder of Norway Information Culture and Art Channel (NORICAC), established to build an online TV channel for foreigners in Norway. I have background in international relations, media, human right laws and graphic design, but I have worked mostly in the field of communications and media. Both in more than four years.

2. What do you do?

At present, I am an independent journalist, a film-maker, graphic designer and consultant both in Vietnam and in Norway. I own small businesses in video producing, event planning and food. However my ambition and passion at present is to create a popular online TV channel targeting foreigners in Norway which produce programs about Norwegian culture and society to help them understand more about the country and find it easier to integrate into the society.

3. Why is it important?

When a person coming to a new country, it is important for to understand the culture and integrate into the society. Due to some specific characteristics of the culture and society, many feel it even harder to integrate into Norwegian society. At first when they don’t know the language, culture and not have friends, an online TV channel delivered in English is a easy and effective way for them to reach their destination faster. Besides, it is a way to promote Norwegian culture outside Norway where the country is something unfamiliar to many.

4. Why do you want to blog for Samfunnsinnovatørene?

I knew about the blog from Merete Grimeland – one of the most inspiring and warm-hearted persons I have met recently. Due to some reasons my writing has not been done as we expected but it is always my pleasure and honor for me to share about my project in this blog. In general, I love writing and have a high interest in the field which I definitely will have a lot to share later not only about my project.

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